The IACC (International Association for Carbon Capture) and SMS (Surface Measurement Systems) are proud to announce the IACC-SMS Awards for early to mid-career researchers. The award is established to recognise the achievements of researchers in the area of carbon capture and their contributions to carbon neutralisation. An award will be given for each career stage. The winners will be invited to give keynote presentations at one of the IACC conferences in 2024.


·         Strong academic track record in carbon capture-related research

·         8-12 years of experience since completion of PhD (IACC-SMS Carbon Capture Award for Exceptional Research)

·         2-7 years of experience since completion of PhD (IACC-SMS Carbon Capture Award for Early-Stage Research)

·         Being a member or senior member of IACC (applications of IACC members can be made using the following link: https://www.iaccr.org/join_us.html; there is no application fee and also no membership fee)


·         Two references are needed leading professors (letters are not necessary, the references can be copied in the application email)

·         Three-page CV listing the following information:

1) Personal background;

2) Up to 10 publications (please provide a single joint PDF document featuring the front page of all the publications listed)

3) Up to 10 grants (indicating PI or Co-I);

4) Awards (please provide a single joint PDF document of the award certificates)

5) Examples of research impacts (e.g. citations, news and contributions to commercialisation; please provide a brief description for each example listed in a single joint PDF document)

Evaluation criteria

·         The extent of recommendations from the references

·         Participation in major grants

·         Impact of research (e.g. publications, social impact, and commercialisation)

·         Contribution to scientific understanding related to carbon capture

Evaluation procedure

·         Peer review (scores of 9, 8, 7 and 6)

·         Panel discussion

Award: £1000 cash (each award) and award certificate

Application procedure: Please send the required document to carboncapture@iaccr.org and copy to c.wu@qub.ac.uk (Dr Wu).

Deadline of application: 15 December 2023

International Association for Carbon Capture (IACC) aims to promote carbon capture research and technology development and deployment, thus contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and mitigating climate changes for a better living environment. To achieve this aim, IACC will organise carbon capture conferences, workshops and seminars; promote collaborations between academics, industries and other carbon capture organisations; support early career researchers to carry out cutting-edge research; increase public awareness of the needs of carbon capture and encourage the young generation to consider low-carbon-emissions technologies and behaviour; and contribute to international communication for carbon capture development. IACC is a registered charity in Northern Ireland.

Surface Measurement Systems (SMS) is the world leader in sorption science, offering world-class technical and scientific support, and developing and engineering innovative instrumentation for the advanced physiochemical characterisation of complex solids. SMS is now the industry standard for sorption research, working with leading global companies in carbon capture, pharmaceuticals, food, fine chemicals, aerospace, energy, catalysts, filtration, fibers, packaging, and more, which is the first choice in sorption for the world’s leading laboratories.