About CCST2023

Climate change is currently one of the focal issues of global concern. The impact of greenhouse gas CO2 on the climate cannot be underestimated, and many countries around the world are committed to reducing CO2 emissions. CCST2023 (Carbon Capture Science and Technology 2023) aims to provide an international platform for sharing the latest progress, experience and expertise in research related to CO2 emission reduction. CCST2023 will be an international academic conference on carbon capture science and technology held online from July 21 to 24, 2023. The conference will include plenary presentations, keynote presentations, invited presentations, and oral presentations. Conference topics include pre-combustion carbon capture, post-combustion carbon capture, direct air capture (DAC), bioenergy carbon capture (BECC) and other carbon capture processes, as well as process integration and intensification, materials and chemistry related carbon capture science, process modelling and techno-economic analysis of carbon capture technologies, etc. The conference plans to set > 10 awards, including International Carbon Capture Outstanding Researcher Award (One Award pre-conference), International Carbon Capture Emerging Researcher Award (Two Awards pre-conference), Best Oral Presentations (~10 Awards). In addition, excellent papers may be recommended for publication in the journal Carbon Capture Science and Technology, Elsevier.

CCST2023 Host

Tsinghua University


Tianjing University; Queen’s University Belfast; East China University of Science and Technology; University of Pittsburgh

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CCST2023 – Carbon Capture Science and Technology